Steamship Sir Walter Scott to sail again!

We are delighted that the historic Sir Walter Scott steamship will be sailing again in summer 2023.

This gives visitors to the Trossachs the chance to enjoy the classic cycle and sail experience on beautiful Loch Katrine.

Taking the steamship down the loch with your hire bike on board and then cycling the 14 miles back to Trossachs pier along the private lochside road is one of the finest cycling trips in Scotland.

Lets here a bit about the history of the steamship.

The Sir Walter Scott steamship is an iconic vessel that has been sailing on the stunning Loch Katrine in Scotland for over 120 years. The steamship is named after the famous Scottish author Sir Walter Scott, who immortalized the beauty of the Scottish countryside in his literary works.

The Sir Walter Scott was built in 1899, by Denny Brothers, a shipbuilding company located in Dumbarton, Scotland. The steamship was commissioned by the Loch Katrine Waterworks Company, which had been established in 1855 to supply fresh water to Glasgow. The Sir Walter Scott was designed to transport visitors around the loch and offer them a unique experience of the Scottish countryside.

The Sir Walter Scott steamship was launched on 29th September 1899, in the presence of a large crowd that included many distinguished guests. The steamship was 110 feet long and 19 feet wide, and it had a capacity of 214 passengers. The Sir Walter Scott was powered by two triple-expansion steam engines, which generated 125 horsepower and could propel the vessel at a maximum speed of 12 knots.

The Sir Walter Scott steamship quickly became a popular attraction, and it played an important role in promoting tourism in the Scottish Highlands. Visitors were drawn to the beauty of Loch Katrine and the surrounding mountains, and the Sir Walter Scott offered them a comfortable and enjoyable way to experience the area.

Over the years, the Sir Walter Scott steamship has undergone several renovations and restorations to ensure that it remains seaworthy and safe for passengers. It is just back in the water in Spring 2023 after major refurbishment.

Today, the Sir Walter Scott steamship remains a popular attraction for visitors to Scotland. The steamship offers a range of cruises around the loch, including scenic tours, dining experiences, and private charters. The cycle and sail option is a unique experience for visitors to Scotland. get in touch to book your cycle and sail experience at Loch Katrine.

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